The Law Office of Mitchell A. Jacobs is dedicated exclusively to the representation of clients in complex family law matters in the Los Angeles area, including Divorce, Property Division, Child and Spousal Support, Paternity Actions, Domestic and International Custody and Visitation Proceedings, and Family Law Appeals.

Mitchell A. Jacobs has been a Board Certified Family Law Specialist since 1986 – a distinction earned by less than 1 in 200 California family law attorneys. He has dedicated his career to providing clients with high-quality legal representation, and he has spent the past two decades building a law firm that focuses exclusively on fighting for the rights of clients facing all types of cases in family court.

Having handled hundreds of family law cases, we have the experience to handle complex family law matters. Frequently, we are entrusted with a family’s future. Our attorneys understand your case is your future. With our firm in your corner, you’ll have the peace of mind you need to explore potential solutions and create the most viable strategy for your future.

We understand the challenges, and may even be able to present you with options you had not considered. Our firm’s approach is to encourage settlement of all issues in your case by actively working with you in conferences, mediation and/or arbitration. By this methodology we are able to reduce the cost and emotional toll of litigation.

We also realize that not all cases can be amicably settled and some must be aggressively litigated. We are experienced trial attorneys and pride ourselves on excellent trial skills and meticulous trial preparation.

When it is time to fight, you can rest assured that we will not be intimidated and will not back down. The members of the firm have earned the respect of the family judiciary and have a nationwide reputation for the highest level of family law advocacy.

Each case is handled by way of a team approach. Each case is assigned one partner and one or two associates who at all time have intimate working knowledge of the details of each case; this way clients can call or email any member of the team and be able to have their questions immediately answered. However, the client does not incur the cost of all team members sharing information.

Our team will expertly analyze your case, identify all of the issues, and develop and implement a strategy to resolve your case by way of settlement, mediation, or trial.

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